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A · sweet · song · for · a · pretty · ear

An mp3 sharing journal for girls with Lolita tastes.

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(Creative Gothic)
David Usher-Black Black Heart-I heard this song almost 3 years ago and I fell in love with it. The chorus is
from an opera that I can't remember the name..I remember my mom sang it and I really like it.

(Cute happy)
Super Gals!-Theme song to one of my favorite anime's. It seems very sweet lolita to me.

(Screamo loud)
Anorexia Nervosa-The Drudenhaus Anthem -Very loud song but has symphony in it

(By the way, someone here posted a song by Razorblade kisses and I really really like it. I can't find any other music by them. Could you point me in a direction where I can find it? Thank you! ^_^)
Current Mood:
scared freaked OUT
Current Music:
Astrid Haven-Scartoons (someone here posted this song)
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This is a friends only music sharing community for Lolitas.

What does that mean? Simply that you have to join the community in order to see posts! Simple, right? <3

If you want to join the community, please make sure to follow the rules outlined on the info page. Simplified, they are:

1. No obvious popular Japanese music.
2. Music that inspires you to be a Lolita.
3. Yousendit.com
4. No flaming

For more clarification, read the info page before you join. Thank you and please enjoy!

Your maintainer,
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